Jeff Rider & PCHG present


march 26 – april 17


Artist reception Sunday, April 8th 1pm - 4pm


A very fun, unique and fabulous paintings about phobia! Some are real, other are made up! 

A MUST SEE solo art exhibition!


About the artist, Jeff Rider:

"Rider has taught extensively at the Des Moines Art Center and privately for several years. His work has been exhibited at many galleries, universities and his work is held in several collections.

Rider’s intent is to create work that engages the viewer using many layers of related and unrelated images that can offer interpretations that may be varied or unique. Over the last fifteen years, Rider has been working with cabinet photos and two dimensional objects that are incorporated with various paint media and distressed surfaces."

  • Instagram: @jeffriderart
  • Website: http://paintpushers.com/jeff_rider