Image credit: Paintpushers

Image credit: Paintpushers

Light & Dark

The Paintpusher’s Art Exhibit

October 1 - October 26

Reception: Saturday October 13, 2 pm - 6 pm

“Light and Dark” is the Paintpushers’ 2018 annual show, that includes, this year, five guest artists along with the other members of Paintpushers. In this new show, each artist’s work will explore what is “light” and what is “dark” expressing that through different medians, styles, and techniques in two paintings.

Paintpushers Members:

Kristin Aulwes, Andrew Clarridge, Kristine Clemons, Jacqueline Hudson, Emily Kobliska, Charlotte Redman, Jeff Rider, Andrea Van Wyk, Melynda Van Zee, Chris Vance, Julie VandeBerg, Mason Howerzyl, Robb Romero, Sarah Schroeder.

+ Guests:

Christian D’Cruz, Josh Sorrell, Pam Hibbs, Patrick Leer, Tim Wicker.

About Paintpushers:

Paintpushers is a small group of visual artists who come together to critique monthly and show new work annually. Paintpushers work is fresh, innovative and contemporary. Artists are motivated in presenting Des Moines with an alternative venue to purchasing and viewing original, fine art by upcoming and established local artists. The Paintpushers has been in Central Iowa art community since the early 2000’s.



Instagram: @paintpushers